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Rekey Locks

Every time you need a locksmith to rekey locks in St. Albert, Alberta, save time and frustration by turning to us. More often than not, the need to have the locks rekeyed is urgent. Who can wait for long when valuables in the office are at stake? Who can relax knowing that the house keys have been stolen? Whether you are a landlord in need of lock rekey or a homeowner in need of emergency service, call our company.

Rekey Locks St. Albert

A locksmith is sent to rekey locks in St. Albert in no time

Our company hurries to help and dispatches experienced pros to rekey locks in St. Albert. This might sound as an easy task, but it hardly is. It is rather demanding since changing the lock’s pins and their configuration is not easy while it must be done to perfection. If not, the door won’t lock and there might some complications when you are trying to open or lock the door. Why experience more hassles? Turn to Locksmith St. Albert in the first place.

The locksmiths travel equipped with key replacement products and all sorts of tools to make sure the job starts and finishes by the book. Rekeying doesn’t only include replacing the pins of the lock and putting the new ones in the right place but also key change. The pros cut the new key to fit well in the rekeyed lock and run a few tests to make sure it fits well and turns with ease.

Call our locksmith company for lock rekey service

You can depend on our company for emergency lock rekey service. Should you are dealing with an urgency, all you have to do is contact our team. Lock rekeying is the ideal cost-effective solution when you want to secure a property and prevent crime by changing the original key. Naturally, the new key will not fit in the old lock and so the lock is rekeyed too.

Since a master key system is based on this philosophy, call us if one of the keys is missing or stolen. If you want to rekey a lock, we’ll send you a master locksmith in no time. All the times you need a pro to rekey locks in St. Albert, we will hurry to offer a helping hand. You just need to contact us.

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